Sync Design provides a variety of technical planning and design services.

Our professional design team can design functional and practical layouts for Fibre, IoT products, associated cable plants and 3D models of any creative, living or work spaces. These designs form an important part of the project planning phase to ensure everyone is on the same page and that the projects get executed successfully.

Fibre Planning

We are experienced fibre planners and have planned and built in excess of 100 MDU’s (Multi-Dwelling Units) such as apartment blocks and complexes for major Fibre Network Owners in the industry.

3D Spaces

We provide our clients with three-dimensional design renderings of what their new indoor or outdoor space concepts can look like.

Cable Plant Designs

We design cable route plants for residential and commercial spaces for a variety of wiring types from electrical, electronic services and IT cabling.

IoT Layout Designs

We provide the planning and design using IoT products, of where exactly the various devices will be positioned in the home or office space before installation commences of a specific IoT design application.

Lighting Design

The correct positioning of lighting around your home of office space is crucial. Our designs will point this out and allow you to create the perfect ambiance in each space.

Outsourced Services

We proudly offer our experience, planning and design services to fibre businesses, architects, interior designers, contractors, engineers, etc.