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The Sync Group is made up of a group of companies that includes Syncrosec Fibre, Sync of Things, Sync Solar, Sync Connect and Sync Design.

We offer technical solutions and maintenance to the property market and in particular property developers, homeowners associations, body corporates, business owners and individual homeowners.

Our services and solutions include:


  • Fibre Installations & Maintenance

Sync of Things

  • Technology, Smart buildings & IoT solutions

Sync Solar

  • Solar and inverter solutions for business and residential

Sync Connect

  • Wi-Fi Solutions
  • ISP Services

Sync Civils

  • Optical-fibre-related civils
  • Supply services to the residential and general construction industry


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Syncrosec, established in 1990 transformed from an electronic services company to a major player in the fibre installations industry over recent years.

We work for many of the top Fibre Network Owners and maintain more than 40 000 homes on a live fibre network around Cape Town. We also focus on last-mile home installations and Multi-dwelling Unit (MDU) fibre network builds.

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A major international study shows that the total installed base of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices worldwide, is projected to amount to 30.9 billion units by 2025. A sharp jump from the 13.8 billion units expected in 2021.

The world is getting more connected to the internet as we speak. This means a smarter world that reaches into our day-to-day lifestyles. This connected world can improve production, efficiency, convenience, security and more.

Sync of Things offer IoT solutions for home and business environments.

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Sync Solar is focused on solar and inverter solutions for businesses and residential properties.

Don’t let load shedding get you down.  Use one of our solar or battery solutions to power you during load shedding or go completely off the grid.

You can reduce your electricity bill significantly and your installation is tax deductible, whilst adding value to your home. Solar energy is a renewable energy source and reduces carbon emissions.

Sync Connect specializes in Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions for high density living environments. This includes the internet link from outside the premises with fibre or wireless technology, to inside the premises with Wi-Fi technology.

We aim to focus specifically in areas where new connectivity opportunities exist, such as student accommodations and informal settlements.

Our technology allows users to purchase internet data.

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Sync Civils is the civil construction arm of the Sync Group. We specialize mostly in optical-fibre-related civils but also supply services to the residential and general construction industry. We are a level 4 BEE supplier and have an in-house Health & Safety department to assist with vetting clients and suppliers.

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